The answers to your questions
Do you always work together?
Yes, we always work together, and we truly appreciate the opportunity, even if it's a small photoshoot. This allows us to work much faster, notice more details, and view clients from two different perspectives and angles.

During the shoot, we typically use different lenses and focus on various types of photography.

More importantly, we can always assist each other – holding a reflector while shooting on the beach, supporting a tree branch for a beautiful shot, or directing the flash in a specific direction that one photographer alone could never achieve.

So, yes, we always coming to shoots together, work collaboratively, and can even understand each other without words during the shoot. We assist each other in advance, making difficult shots of the wedding ceremony from different angles without interfering with one another or getting in the frame.

We work shoulder to shoulder, quite literally.
When can I expect to receive my images?
Your edited images will be ready for viewing in a private online gallery approximately one to two weeks after the shoot.
What occurs in case of bad weather?
We have several alternative dates each month reserved for rescheduling due to rain or overcast conditions. There is no charge to reschedule your session to a new date in such circumstances. The weather in Florida is highly unpredictable and constantly changing, which is why we prefer to assess on the day of the session whether a reschedule is necessary.
Is it possible for me to maintain privacy for the images captured during my session?
All clients are required to sign a model release form as part of the session contract. If you wish to keep your images confidential, please communicate your preference at that moment. We fully respect your choice, and we will ensure that your images remain exclusively for your viewing.
Do you provide raw/unedited images?
We do not offer RAW images. We are committed to delivering a polished and final product, and we approach each shoot with the end result in focus. RAW images require editing to achieve a finished product, and any alterations not performed by us are strictly prohibited, as they may not accurately represent our work.
What occurs if I arrive late to my photo session?
If you exceed a 10-minute delay for your session, kindly reach out to inform us. It's important to note that tardiness will result in a deduction from your session duration. The remaining time initially scheduled for the session will be provided, and any extra time extending beyond the planned conclusion will incur additional charges.
What is the difference between photo editing and photo retouching?
The main difference is in the subject of the work - "Editing" is included in the price of all our basic packages and includes basic photo manipulation: adjusting white balance, cropping, sharpening, working with shadows, color and light. "Retouching" means working with specific details in a photo - improving skin, removing unnecessary people or details in the background, removing pimples, bruises and other irregularities, changing hairstyles (for example, if there's a strong wind outside and you don't like your hair blowing in the wind and you want it to be smooth). In short, removing unwanted details. Retouching is not included in the base price of our services and will be charged separately. If you would like to learn more about this topic, please visit the blog on our website, where we have covered this topic in more detail.
What does “Up to 30-minute/1-hr session” mean?
Such formulation means that the session will last a maximum of 1 hour or 30 minutes, but it is not necessary. The main criterion we are guided by is the number of photos in your package. If we see that you pose well and we already have a lot of good photos, we can finish the shoot 5-10 minutes earlier.

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