Welcome to SMGM. Photography & Videography, where we specialize in turning moments into art. Whether it's a love story, fashion photography, lifestyle shoot, or your wedding day, we curate a unique visual experience that tells your story in a timeless and beautiful way.

Based in Florida, we are a husband-and-wife duo who blend professionalism with a dynamic and complimentary creative style. Led by Max, a photography school graduate with a passion for creating eye-catching still images, and Sofia, a Master's graduate in Film Studies and an accomplished videographer, our team brings over a decade of combined experience in the photography and videography industry.

On every set, we work together seamlessly, be it a photo shoot or a photo and video session. Max handles the technical aspects, preparing equipment and working with the location, while Sofia focuses on working with clients, assisting with posing, and enhancing the scene's composition.

We look forward to capturing your special moments !


Max holds degrees in computer science, classical painting, and contemporary photography. Since 2010, he has been a professional photographer with an impressive portfolio, encompassing concert photography, fashion shoots, portraits, love stories, and art photography. His artistic endeavors have garnered recognition, from nominations for the best art project of the year to exhibitions in galleries and museums across Europe.

Sofia realized her love for photography and videography as a child when she went everywhere with a handheld video camera. And somehow it was from that point in her childhood that she found herself on one side of the camera or the other, whether it was her teenage experimentation with photography, working as a professional model, or pursuing a degree in Theory of Visual Arts. With a degree in Philosophy and Film Studies, she has worked in academic institutions, museums and galleries in Italy, Russia and Switzerland. Sophie is also involved in shooting documentary projects, organizing film festivals and producing her own video projects.